The Experience Collective


The Experience Collective is a design studio that transforms spaces into imaginative visual experiences. 

Capitalizing on their cross disciplinary arts educations and professional backgrounds in painting, fibers, mixed media, sculpture, and fabrication, the duo produces works with a refined aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail.

Their works are recognized for their larger than life scale, use of vibrant colors and textures, unexpected materials, innovative handcrafted techniques, and captivating compositions.

Through commissioned projects, businesses and organizations engage The Experience Collective to collaborate and create visual solutions that are then brought to life, hand fabricated, and installed in their unique space, bringing an ambitious and unforgettable experience.

 Custom Art・Installations ・ Sculptural Displays・ Public Art ・Events


Toni Dammicci

artist + designer
concepts + proposals
mixed media + 3d fabrication
production + installation


Ethan Conlon

artist + designer
sculptor + 3D design
structural expert
welding + metal fabrication


Art on the Atlanta Beltline ・Anthropologie ・ Coca Cola Company ・ RP3 ・ Dawson Architects ・ Savannah College of Art and Design ・ DesignMore

The Paris Market & Brocante ・Colorboxx Salon ・ The Frayed Knot Fiber Boutique ・ The A-Town Foundation ・ Rebecca Gardner Parties & Events

Scottsdale Public Art ・ Savannah Ogeechee Canal Museum & Historic Site ・ Walter Parks Swamp Blues Music ・ Spruill Gallery of Atlanta