The Experience Collective






500 pool noodles, wood, sand
Sand Arts Festival
Tybee Island, GA
1 pod, 12 feet x 12 feet

Named after the Greek word anemone meaning "windflower," Bloom is inspired by colorful sea anemones and the flow that moves them. 

Mimicking bursts or blooms, the anemones are created from a geodesic structure supporting a bursting outer layer of colorful foam tentacles. Composed of highly saturated magenta, coral and turquoise tones, each bloom displays a unique gradation of color. In the wind, a soft, swaying motion moves the foam tentacles as if they are still underwater. The hundreds of foam pool noodles set a playful tone for the artwork but also serves to create a safe, highly approachable environment.

Bloom shifts the perception of a sea anemone, from that of a teacup sized, venomous invertebrate to a creature that is welcoming, friendly and engaging. These colorful anemones invite viewers from afar to come discover and explore this unique experience.