We are the Experience Collective.


We create transformative visual experiences for bold and innovative clients worldwide.

We love collaborating with our clients to create unique and inventive creative solutions that spark playfulness and imagination. People know us as problem solvers, collaborators and conversation starters.

As both designer and builder, we create everything we need in house enabling us to keep your vision at the forefront of the design process.

Through our use of unexpected materials, innovative techniques, and usually larger-than-life scale, we are reimagining the way people view and experience art. Whether creating a giant 3D sea-creature for your storefront, an impactful backdrop for your performance or a one of a kind artwork for your home, we are up for any challenge.

We love working with forward-thinking clients who live boldly and creatively. We are excited to get to know you and create an ambitious visual experience together.

We believe that art is more than just an object. Together, let’s turn art into an experience.


Meet us


Toni Dammicci

From painting to installations, Toni has been making art and putting it in the world at large for the past decade. From producing works for the Experience Collective to being a display coordinator for Anthropologie, Toni has extensive experience creating and curating large-scales displays and artworks for a wide range of environments and clients. She has an impressive ability to solve visual problems by generating a multitude of different ideas and  scenarios using any material under the sun. When she's not on the hunt for the latest and greatest new material or working off an 18ft ladder, you can find her cooking up new recipes in the kitchen, adding to her cactus collection or out exploring the mountain trails with her dog, Indigo.


Ethan Conlon

With roots in sculpture, woodworking, mechanics and all things design, Ethan has always been infatuated with how things work and move. After graduating with a B.F.A in Sculpture, Ethan has a wide range of experience ranging from working on large public art sculptures to metal fabrication, to 3D computer modeling to creating bikes from scratch. He draws, designs, welds, woodworks and has the hands on experience of fixing and working on just about everything. When not perfecting his joinery techniques or his latest design, you can find him organizing his vintage tool collection, listening to his extensive record collection or being the most enthusiastic bike rider you've ever met.

Get to know us more, we can't wait to talk to you!