The Precarious Affair
Hand made custom fabric created for Patricia Garcia's 2012 fashion collection.

Garcia commissioned our hand-marbling skills for a Spring collection. Over 200 yards of fabric were created in a specific color pallet of vibrant royal purples, midnight blues, and canary yellows. The concept for the collection was inspired by the mysterious impressionist painting collection found in Huguette E. Clark's $400 million fortune in New York City. The color pallete, patterns, and designs were influenced by the art of Vincent Van Gogh, Constance Lowe, and Rorschach tests.

The Precarious Affair Collection was featured in the 2012 SCAD Fashion Show and the 2012 Palinopsia Fashion Show.

Read about Trish's take on her fashion collection in the article Like Venetian Marbled Paper.

Palinopsia Show 2012. Photo courtesy of Bob Jones.
Palinopsia Show 2012. Photo courtesy of Bob Jones.
Collection sketches. Photo courtesy of Patricia Garcia.

Vibrant marblings on silk and cotton fabrics



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